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Inserat – AMF-Bruns – 002

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Volkswagen Crafter with linear lift AL1

AMF-Bruns GmbH & Co. KG

Amarok not available.
Caddy not available.
Crafter available.
Transporter not available.

Volkswagen Crafter with linear lift AL1 for people with limited mobility.


Product description


The Volkswagen Crafter is a true all-rounder. AMF-Bruns conversion turns the Crafter into a vehicle for people with limited mobility and is an optimal solution for transporting wheelchair users. The wheelchair accesses the vehicle from the rear using an linear lift AL1.


With its lightweight and compact design, the linear lift AL1 meets all the required guidelines for the transport of wheelchairs and their occupants.

It is a fully automatic lift for rear or side door. The AL1 uses aluminium profiles for the unique design of its purpose-built lifting arms.

Patented, newly developed aluminium arms make the AL1 the lightest lift on the market. These profiles are crafted to the millimetre and co-ordinated, to guarantee a long-lasting, accurate operation. The transparent design of the linear lift platform provides excellent rear visibility.

A special roll-off stop opens automatically when touching ground even on uneven surfaces, LED flashing lights provide additional safety.

The linear lift AL1 is compatible with EMC in accordance with the European legislation and meets EN 1756, II requirements. Easy operation via remote control or app operation (iOS, Android).


Technical data

  • Load capacity 400 kg
  • Operation control via 4 push buttons up/down, stow/deploy
  • Unladen weight: Between 120 kg and 130 kg, depending on platform size
  • Features: Manual pump, two hand rails, automatic flashing warning lights
  • Power: 12 V electro-hydraulic motor
  • Choice of 3 standard platforms



  • AL1 1380: Width 1.290 mm, Depth 350 mm, Hight 1.500 mm 
  • AL1 1130: Width 1.200 mm, Depth 350 mm, Hight 1.250 mm 
  • AL1 1065: Width 1.120 mm, Depth 350 mm, Hight 1.1850 mm 


Usable platformsizes

  • AL1 1380: Width 920 mm,  Length 1.380 mm 
  • AL1 1130: Width 830 mm,  Length 1.130 mm 
  • AL1 1065: Width 750 mm,  Length 1.065 mm


Technical data

Vehicle base Crafter
Alternative vehicle bases
  • Crafter
  • Transporter


AMF-Bruns GmbH & Co. KG

Hauptstraße 101

26689 Apen