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Inserat – B-style – 002

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Volkswagen Caddy Maxi | B-Active WAV-kit

B-Style Mobility Solutions

Amarok not available.
Caddy available.
Crafter not available.
Transporter not available.

High quality conversion kit for easy and safely carrying wheelchair passengers, with many configuration options.


Product description


B-Style Mobility Solutions has developed a conversion kit for the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi for easy carrying a wheelchair passenger. In addition the Caddy Maxi can carry 4 passengers plus the driver, because the rear bench stays original. When the wheelchair passenger is not riding along, you can increase the capacity to as many as 6 passengers, plus driver, with the optional 2 tip-and-turn seats for the third row. The B-Style kit transforms the Caddy Maxi into a multipurpose vehicle for personal or professional use such as a taxi.

The B-Style kits create a bigger world for a wheelchair passenger, hassle free and very convenient. The entry to the Caddy Maxi is easy with the low and spacious ramp. On board you feel safe, the wheelchair is secured with many restraints. Of course all the components are tested and approved, so high quality is guaranteed. The complete Volkswagen factory warranty remains after installing the kit.

To personalise the conversion kit, there are several options. You can choose a strong aluminium ramp or a super light version of smartly compound plastic and aluminium, which is just as strong. For a better view through the rear-view mirror, the ramp can be folded. For a full flat floor, there is also an option to lay down the complete ramp horizontal into the Caddy.

So why a conversion kit from B-Style Mobility Solutions?

- Hassle free and convenient carrying a wheelchair passenger
- High quality due to endurance tests
- Many options for personal configuration
- Maximum room for wheelchair passenger
- Letter Of No Objection from Volkswagen AG



Technical data

Vehicle base Caddy
Alternative vehicle bases
  • Crafter
  • Transporter
Body weight 75kg – 126kg
External dimensions of the converted vehicle 149cm x 85cm x 145cm


B-Style Mobility Solutions

De Geerden 14

5334 LE, Velddriel

The Netherlands