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Volkswagen Crafter with GEMA Express Courier fitting system

GEMA S.r.l.

Amarok not available.
Caddy not available.
Crafter available.
Transporter not available.

Delivery Van Storage system - GEMA Express Courier fitting system. Volkswagen Crafter vehicle for Couriers deliveries.

Couriers outfitting system for accurate parcel deliveries in a safe and fast way.


  1. Dividing bulkhead in extruded anodised anti-scratch aluminium with sliding door between cabin and loading compartment, designed to optimise the workflows at the unloading stage, thus reducing work time. When ordering the commercial vehicle from a dealer showroom, we recommend informing the dealer, that the vehicle being ordered must be fitted with an outfitter control unit and one (1) passenger seat only".
  2. a. - N. 1 racking system, left side complete with no. 2+2 collapsible shelves, each one with noise-proof alveolar bottom and co-extruded anti-slip mat, 100 kg load per shelf;
    b. - N. 1 racking system, right side, complete with no. 2 collapsible shelves, each one with noise-proof alveolar bottom and co-extruded anti-slip mat, 100 kg load per shelf;
  3. 500mm extension option on the right side at the side door plus containment protection.
  4. Carriage trolley side wall in marine plywood at the side door.
  5. Multi-layered marine plywood platform covered with 12 mm slip-proof resin with built-in aluminium profiles next to the doors. Housings for load retaining rings inserted into the platform.
  6. Installation of two IR analogical micro-cameras, one in the driver's cabin and one in the loading compartment aimed at monitoring the side door with a DVR placed under the driver's seat.
  7. N.2 LED courtesy lights in the loading compartment with motion sensor.
  8. Complete lining /cladding in 4 mm thick shockproof polypropylene. 
  9. pair of GATELOCK theft-proof locks for rear doors and side door.
  10. Steel parcel counter.


Technical data

Vehicle base Crafter
Body weight 159.46kg – 239.46kg


GEMA S.r.l.

Via del Dirigibile, 4/6/8

50013 - Sant'Angelo a Lecore - Campi Bisenzio - Firenze