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Suspension lift solutions with coil springs for Volkswagen Caddy 5

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Amarok not available.
Caddy available.
Crafter not available.
Transporter not available.

Suspension lift solutions for Volkswagen Caddy 5 Kombi, Kombi Maxi, Cargo and Cargo Maxi.

Manufacturers of passenger cars and commercial vehicles supply a perfect base, but sometimes that’s not enough. In these cases we offer the solution with coil and air suspension systems, that have been designed for the widest range of applications. Let it be a passenger car with caravan, delivery van, pick-up truck, mobile home, minibus or ambulance. In specific situations there’s often an extra demand on the suspension system of the vehicle so that comfort, drivability and safety remain optimal.


In close cooperation with Volkswagen we have developed a tailor made suspension lift solution for Volkswagen Caddy and Caddy Cargo.

Easy to fit to the vehicle and with many advantages for the user in specific areas of operation:



  • Optimal comfort in both loaded and unloaded situations due to increased suspension travel.
  • A comfortable and relaxed drive for driver and passengers under all circumstances.


  • Optimal traction for front wheel driven cars.
  • Extra ground clearance in rough and hilly terrain.
  • An appropriate suspension system leads to improved car handling in general.


  • Approved by independent certifying bodies and Volkswagen.
  • A constant towball height prevents a vehicle combination from swaying.
  • Optimal stability and road traction in different or changing load circumstances ensures safety of driver and passengers.

Volkswagen has approved below listed MAD-kits for the following vehicles:

  • Caddy 5, Kombi, Kombi Maxi, type: SK
  • Caddy 5, Cargo, Cargo Maxi, type: SKN
  • Wheelbase: short and long (2755 mm and 2970 mm)
  • Front-wheel drive


HV-196328 - lift spring kit front - 25 mm lift
HV-196318 - lift spring kit rear - 30 mm lift
HV-196341 - lift spring kit 4 corners - 25 mm lift front, 30 mm lift rear
HV-196338 - lift spring kit rear Heavy Duty (HD) - 30 mm lift - minimum load 125 kg
HV-196351 - lift spring kit 4 corners HD - 25 mm lift front, 30 mm lift rear, min. load 125 kg


Technical data

Vehicle base Caddy
Alternative vehicle bases
  • Crafter
  • Transporter



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