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EasyLoad; loading system for Volkswagen Transporter

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Amarok not available.
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Transporter available.

Wherever loading and unloading heavy loads is an issue, we offer the perfect solution with our EasyLoad systems. Whether it’s about service on site, sewer inspections or roadworks, an EasyLoad provides the solution in all cases. The structure has been designed in a way that the loading space will pretty much stay fully available. And because the entire processing can now be done by a single person on site, this means maximum efficiency and safety under optimal working conditions. EasyLoad comes with a mounting frame that is easy to fit to any vehicle. The system is operational in about 4 hours.

Each driver must be able to transport a heavy load independently and in a safe and efficient way. That’s the idea behind the EasyLoad. The system, which can be operated with just one hand, moves heavy loads or loads that are difficult to handle with the greatest convenience. Up to 500 kg! What has not been possible before is no issue anymore.



  • We ensure maximum loading space of your vehicle because the mounting frames are designed to be fitted as close as possible to the sidewalls and the roof of each vehicle.
  • An EasyLoad can be pushed sideways easily to preserve maximum accessibility to the cargo space. You can park the EasyLoad just above your racking system for instance.



  • Relieves drivers and prevents them from physical problems (Health & Safety Regulations). Safe loading/unloading of your precious cargo.
  • Due to the fact that an EasyLoad Compact has a turntable you can load/unload as well at the back as on the side of the vehicle (sidewalk).
  • The safety is guaranteed for bystanders because the operator has an optimal overview while loading/unloading.



  • EasyLoad is a plug-and-play system; within 4 hours of mounting time it is up and running.
  • Heavy loads or loads that are diffi cult to handle can be loaded/unloaded by just one person. No second employee has to travel along to help out.
  • There is no additional equipment needed for loading/unloading on site.
  • The use of an EasyLoad makes loading/unloading not only safe and easy but also quick.

Visit, or call us on +31 318 586 100 for more information.


Technical data

Vehicle base Transporter
Alternative vehicle bases
  • Caddy



MAD Holding BV
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3905 KW  Veenendaal
The Netherlands

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