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Volkswagen E-Crafter 35 Pick-up

Veth Automotive B.V.

Amarok not available.
Caddy not available.
Crafter available.
Transporter not available.

The electrically powered Volkswagen e-Crafter is now also available as a pick-up. There is a choice of three configurations: a version with a fixed open body, a tipper and a sweeping waste tipper. This makes the e-Crafter Pick-up the basis of sustainable customized solutions for, for example, municipal services, gardeners and sheltered workshops.


Product description


The basis of this vehicle is the original Volkswagen e-Crafter Panel Van L3H3. The complete electric drivetrain system remains fully original as it is designed and manufactured by Volkswagen AG. The warranty on the vehicle drivetrain is the original Volkswagen warranty. The e-Crafter pick-up has a letter of no objection from Volkswagen AG. The vehicle can be registered anywhere in Europe through a second stage European Type Approval.

The market need of electrically powered commercial vehicles is undeniable. In the very near future a large part of the commercial vehicle market will consist of electric light commercial vehicles. The closure of inner cities for fossil motor vehicles and tax incentives are important elements in the development of this market.

Apart from the e-Crafter van there is also a need for a big-range “chassis cabin” variant with a considerable load capacity (around 800 kg). The Volkswagen e-Crafter pick-up is the ideal vehicle for these customers. The vehicle weight of the Volkswagen e-Crafter changes through the conversion of the vehicle to a pick-up. After the conversion to a pick-up with Tipper the new gross vehicle weight is 2758 kg.


  • Wheelbase: 3640 mm,
  • Loadfloor: aluminium welded panels,
  • Side boards: aluminium 300 mm high, foldable
  • Headboard: aluminium 500mm high,
  • Lashing points: 10 lashing points based on DIN EN 12640: test force 500 daN,
  • Inner dimensions: 3255 mm long x 2040 mm wide,
  • Outer dimensions: 3305 mm long x 2090 mm wide.
  • Payload Dropside: 820 kg
  • Payload Tipper: 742 kg


Technical data

Vehicle base Crafter
Body weight 500kg – 600kg
Payload 500kg – 650kg
External dimensions of the converted vehicle 345cm x 204cm x 200cm
Permissible total weight 3.5t


Veth Automotive B.V.

Dijkgraaf 8

6921 RL Duiven

The Netherlands

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