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Con BodybuilderDatabase, Volkswagen Vehículos Comerciales pone a disposición de los fabricantes de estructuras carroceras y transformaciones una plataforma de tipo mercadillo, basada en los vehículos comerciales de Volkswagen, en la que pueden presentar sus productos.

Los anuncios y perfiles de los fabricantes de estructuras carroceras que se pueden consultar aquí se han creado bajo su propia responsabilidad, tanto de contenido como de redacción, y no representan ninguna recomendación de parte de Volkswagen AG.

Todos los datos acerca del vehículo son aproximados. La información relativa a la estructura carrocera se refiere a un producto del carrocero, procede exclusivamente de éste y es también éste quien la pone en la plataforma BodybuilderDatabase.

La estructura carrocera y la transformación son desarrolladas, fabricadas y vendidas por responsabilidad y cuenta propias del respectivo fabricante de estructuras carroceras.

Volkswagen Vehículos Comerciales no ha comprobado el acierto y la integridad de la información proporcionada por el fabricante de estructuras carroceras y tampoco asume ninguna clase de responsabilidad, garantía legal o comercial por la información del fabricante de estructuras carroceras.

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MAD Holding BV

It starts with recognizing a problem
At the beginning of the 1970s the oil crisis caused a deep economic recession. A time in which the world came to face new challenges. Which was noticeable. Popular cars of that period were equipped with LPG tanks to keep driving affordable. Which is logical as there was enough space in their large boots. But although the manufacturers of these cars were building a good basis, the cars weren’t up to the job of coping with the additional 70 litres of fuel, the 40 kg fuel tank and luggage. The cars sagged, giving rise to discomfort and dangerous situations. MAD found the solution at the time, by developing an alternative suspension system, a product that MAD has achieved great success with in over 80 countries to date. This original inventiveness and solution-oriented thought and action are still the core values of MAD.

We are MAD
And we are there for you, who can’t settle for the standard. Who wants to go that step further. Don’t let anything stand in your way, to do what you want to do! MAD to the max.

That’s our mission, our promise to customers and drivers. Because vehicle manufacturers provide an excellent basis, but sometimes that’s not enough. In that case we provide the solution from our divisions Suspension Systems and Loading Systems. In Veenendaal we see  it each day, that our promise is fulfilled throughout the world. There we work closely with our partners on developing and manufacturing solutions, that meet international automotive standards. What’s more, our business processes are certified according to the ISO 9001 and COP standard. Thus ensuring that we provide the highest quality. International customers and end users have been choosing MAD for well over 40 years now, and that’s something we’re proud of.

MAD Suspension Systems
In close cooperation with vehicle manufacturers and conversion companies, we develop coil and air suspension systems for the widest range of applications. Whether it’s a van, pick-up truck, motorhome, minibus or ambulance. In specific situations there are often extra demands on the suspension system of the vehicle. Our suspension systems ensure that comfort, drivability and safety remain optimal, in all circumstances.

MAD Loading Systems
Wherever loading and unloading heavy loads is an issue, we offer the perfect solution with our EasyLoad systems. Whether it’s about service on site, sewer inspections or roadworks, an EasyLoad provides the solution in all cases. The structure has been designed in a way that the loading space will pretty much stay fully available. And because the entire processing can now be done by a single person on site, this means maximum efficiency under optimal working conditions.

Visit or call us at +31 318 586 100 for more information.

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